The Roots of A Southern Farm and Bakery

Renee was born and raised in rural North Carolina, is an intensely devoted mother, grandmother, friend, farmer, and without doubt one of the best intuitive southern cooks in the area. 


Renee began baking with her grandmother at an early age, and is widely known for her wonderful old-fashioned southern cakes and pastries.  For several years she helped run the kitchens and design the menus at a local restaurant, Elsewhere on 10th in North Wilkesboro, NC, and was Elsewhere's primary supplier of produce and eggs throughout the year.

Currently Singing Waters supplies produce for a number of High Country farm-to-table establishments, including F.A.R.M. Cafe, Vidalia, and Proper in Boone, NC.

Baking from

the Heart:

A Message from Renee

I have always had a love for baking.  While I love cooking meals for family and friends, baking is special to me.  Baking truly is from my heart.  It is a gift I can give, and a way I can bring happiness to the people I love.

Welcome to my kitchen...

Renee Warren

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